Hello! I have contacted the original owner/admin of the SMFA wiki

unfortunately, they have not gotten back to me about an adminship

SO, because there is sustained editing from me and Toxictown, I am running a blog to ask all of you (though there aren't many of you that still edit this wiki) if I can be the new head admin

I head admin the Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Wiki and the Uncle Grandpa Wiki, and if you love the way those places look then good! Because I plan to make this wiki beautiful just like those wikis, and perhaps with the combined efforts of me and other people who like this show, we can make this a great place! I also plan on affiliating and slightly merging the Uncle Grandpa wiki with this wiki.

Also, Toxictown, if I get head adminship I plan on making you co-admin because you are helpful and you seem like you'd be on here everyday.

So let me know what you guys think. I plan on putting in an adoption form perhaps tommorow or Saturday after my finals are done with.

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