Uncle Grandpa is a tv show about a guy who is everyone in the world's Uncle and Grandpa. He always goes to random kids and/or teenagers houses to visit. They always seem to hate him at first but in the end of the episode he goes on a crazy wild adventure with them and they like him. Then he leaves. This is the sister show of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. First, Peter Browngardt had an idea for this show called "Uncle Grandpa" it had a good run for 3 years and then it ended. Then about 5 years later he got back in business by making Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. They usually make cameos in each other.

Relation to SMFA

In the "Uncle Grandpa" Pilot. Uncle Grandpa attempts to make a super computer by nailing garbage to Ham Sandwiches toilet. This doesnt work. However, it does open a portal to where the Disgustoids came from. Then Festros crawls out of the toilet, looking very different. When Festro first comes out he cant speak English and can only speak some sort of Disgustoid Language. Then many more Disgustoids come out, including a green disgustoid most likely related to Dingle. (maybe a brother or father or something) Sadly, Uncle Grandpa kills him by farting on him. Many Disgustoids are then forced back into the toilet. The Bros didnt go into the toilet and couldnt make it in before Uncle Grandpa destroyed it. Thats why the bros are stuck on earth. They came in through Uncle Grandpas portal machine and are stuck. The bros most likely learned English soon after from observing humans. Dingle couldnt learn English for some reason, and still speaks a Disgustoid language. Then probably found their few articles of clothing from a dumpster, a thrift shop, or even a human. Since the humans hated them, they forced them to live underground where they found Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.


A strange man who is the uncle and grandfather of everyone in the world must do battle with a gang of mutants, after an attempt to gain the appreciation and love of a nerdy teenager goes awry.


The pilot was written and storyboarded by Peter Browngardt. The production code is 100.


Uncle-Grandpa Wiki

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