The Bet
Season 1, Episode 4
"The Internet! The world's knowledge right at my fingertips!"
Premiered: October 10th, 2011
Written by:
  Mike Stern
Storyboard by:
  Mike Stern
Directed by:
  David Tennant
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The Bet is the 4th episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Season 1.


The monsters bet Gweelok that if he used the Internet within 24 hours, he would have to stop using it at all times so he can hang out with them forever and ever. Gweelok is able to complete the bet in the end. However, he uses the Gweelok bot to hang out with the Bros.


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  • This episode really focuses in on Gweelok's lack of public social skills and his dependency on technology.
  • The Giant Kitten from Secret Mountain Fort Love makes a cameo appearance as an internet image.
  • Friendbro and BromanbroTube, and Brotwit are obvious parodies of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


The Bet was written and storyboarded by Mike Stern. The production code is 202. The annual estimation of US viewers on the episode is 1.567