Season 1, Episode 1
Festro, Slog, Dingle, and Gweelok in Teleport-O-Potty 5
"I don't think we're the only ones who have to use the toilet!"
Premiered: August 1st, 2011
Written by:
  Audie Harrison
Storyboard by:
  Audie Harrison
Directed by:
  David Tennant
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Monster Cops

Teleport-O-Potty is the 1st episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Season 1


When Gweelok builds a teleport-a-potty, Festro and the monsters search for a place where pizza grows on trees. But when Festro went to go "boom boom" and flushed the teleport-a-potty, the monsters get stuck in another universe where they have to defeat an evil villain named Helmet head in order to reclaim the toilet of the land. Fart is held captive by Helmethead during the episode.


The episode starts with Tony the Pizza Guy getting called by Festro to buy a pizza. Festro requests he send over the Insane Ultra Deluxe Mega Deluxe Super Fantasy Turbo Charge Pizza with everything on it. Festro waits impatiently, and when nothing happened within a few seconds, Festro broke the clock he was holding and went on a rant about how humans hate disgustoids. Festro wished to go to a place where pizza grows on trees so they do not have to deal with human oppression. At that moment Gweelok announced he invented a Teleport-O-Potty that would help them travel through dimensions. Festro quickly rushes him and everyone else into the device. They travel through several dimensions, including a happy looking dimensions, a dimension with flying giant babies, and a dimension called Roller Blade Alley. Festro was beginning to grow impatient and angry at the lack of pizza trees. When he finds out in the next dimension they go to that they do not have pizza trees Festro becomes very upset. He decides to let out his frustrations by relieving himself in the bathroom. When he is done he flushes the Teleport-O-Potty, not realizing flushing it activates it. He flushes the Teleport-O-Potty away much to everyone's dismay and they are trapped in their current dimension. They learn this dimension is where monsters ruled over humans and oppressed humans. At first, Festro is excited about the idea, but soon realizes that the leader Helmet Head was a huge jerk and threw them in jail. Just as the disgustoids were ready to lose hope, the humans came in and saved them. There they met an old man who told them of a prophecy of a "Purple Warrior" liberating the humans and winning them back their toilet, which Helmet Head stole from them. Gweelok informs Festro that in order to escape that dimension they need the toilet. They agree to help the humans get back their toilet and go out to battle against Helmet Head's men. A big red dinosaur eats Festro mid-way through Festro's empowering speech, so the humans and the other disgustoids start the battle. Meanwhile, the red dinosaur approaches Helmet Head, only to be ripped in half by Festro who escaped from his stomach. Festro and Helmet Head duke it out verbally until Helmet Head reveals that the "helmet" on his head was actually a giant oven that cooked pizzas that were growing on his head. Festro was elated and dived right into the giant pizza tree. Once all of Helmet Head's men were slayed, Fart, Slog, Dingle, and Gweelok heard a scream coming from the toilet castle. Fart flies them over there to find the toilet the humans were looking for. Gweelok immediately gets to work hotwiring it. Slog points out that the humans were ready to use their long stolen toilet. They quickly jump in ready to go back to their own dimension when suddenly their hear Festro call out to them. When they see him, Festro is really fat. He explains to them that he found the pizza tree he was looking for, but he unfortunately didn't save them any slices. After crying about how he doesn't deserve to go back with them, the disgustoids work together to make sure Festro travels back to their own dimension with them. They all make it back safely to their own dimension. The episode ends with Festro stating that he never wants to see another pizza ever again. Then it shows that Festro is actually in a giant box of pizza that looks like Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and it closes on them.



Teleport-A-Potty was written and storyboarded by Audie Harrison. The production code is 102?. The annual estimation of US viewers on the episode is 1.815.


  • This episode was the episode that was aired as a sneak-peek as to what Secret Mountain Fort Awesome would be like, which may mislead people to thinking that it is the first episode.
  • This is the first time Momma Slog's Hot Sauce appears, the second will be Family Lies.


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