Secret Mountain Fort Love
Season 1, Episode 3
My fort yo cunt
"Fort smash stuff
Premiered: October 3, 2011
Written by:
  Clay Morrow, Noel Belknap and Brett Varon
Storyboard by:
  Clay Morrow, Noel Belknap and Brett Varon
Directed by:
  David Tennant
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Secret Mountain Fort Love is the 3rd episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Season 1


The disgustoids are delighted when The Fort comes to life and starts wreaking havoc on the surface world, but then The Fort falls in love with another mountain. Festro tries to break up the relationship. The Fort becomes very aggressive towards Festro's attempts to break them up. When he eventually does break them up, The Fort is heartbroken and it is up to Festro and the others to help men his broken heart.


The episode starts with the Disgustoids sitting in the couch, getting bored to death until they heard a huge noise. They decided to look everywhere for the sound and failed but suddenly the mountain started getting alive. Festro got surprised that the mountain was alive and that he likes to smash stuff. He starts destroying the State Prision and Festro thought that he can fly but starts falling to the Pancake Factory. He breaks a lot of buildings in the city and the Disgustoids are having fun watching the mountain breaking some buildings and because of that, they love the mountain even more. The mountain broke a blue building until he saw a beautiful Lady Mountain. The mountain's love is spreading hearts around and Festro asks them why did he stop smashing stuff. Fart told him that he is in love with Lady Mountain. Festro wants to stop it so he gets his snake and shoots the hearts with lasers but fails because there is too much love. The mountain starts jumping and gets a tree (as if it's a flower) and gets cement for his gorgeous hair. The mountain then introduces himself and tell her what's her name. She's in silence and the mountain told her that he was smashing the city and asks her if she saw it. The mountain thinks she is pretty cool and he shows his plants but he thinks it is cheesy so he threw it. The mountain tells her about himself that he likes stomping things, staying up late, having fun, good times laughing and Festro can't believe it and Gweelok hates love. Slog thinks it smells like feet and Festro tells them that bros don't love stuff and Fart doesn't count. Festro then punches the mountain and they have an argument that hanging with that Lady Mountain makes you turn into a weenie. The mountain disagrees with Festro and tells him to escuse cause he is having a serious discussion with his girlfriend about shoes. Fart thinks it's cute and Slog thinks it is worse than we thought. Gweelok said that they are getting married and Festro tells them that they know when the chick moves in, the bros move out and then they will have no place to live. Fart votes for love but even him had his limits and Festro tells them that they need to make them break up. Gweelok doesn't know how and Festro tells them by cheating. The mountain is laughing with his girlfriend until the Disgustoids are cheating on top of Lady Mountain. The mountain would never do that to her because she is a lady. Festro rolls over her grass and then Slog gets mud and puts a sign saying Heart U. Dingle starts laughing putting his grass all over his mouth and Fart puts his rock in his mouth and the mountain told them that she is not teasing you back. Festro tells him that if he is not still convinced, he tells them that Lady Mountain asks him to give him the letter. After reading the letter, the mountain starts crying just because they break up. Festro tells them that he is right but Gweelok tells him to look at the mountain as he starts falling and crying even more. Festro feels bad and Fart tells them that they went too far. Festro asks Gweelok what is wrong with him and Gweelok tells them to stand back because he will trope him. Festro asks him if everything is going to be cool or not and Gweelok replied that Secret Mountain Fort Awesome's heart is broken and unless they operate, he will die. Festro tells him again if he is going to die cool and Fart replies that it is not cool making Festro surprised. Slog with his boogers replies that he doesn't want to live in Secret Mountain Fort Dead. Festro just wanted to make the mountain awesome again and tells him that he is sorry. Slog tells doesn't know what to do and Gweelok tells them that there is only one thing we can do that they must fix the broken heart. They decided to go in the mountain and Festro thought they found his heart but it was a brain. Gweelok tries to find the mountain's memory online, he will find a map and he found it. First, they must go through the food court, then down the escalators through JCNickels but before they reach the heart, they had to pass the 10 Chambers of Death. The Disgustoids are afraid of it because it is deadly. Festro tells them that they are not going to run away because even if we die, they are still going to fix the heart. Festro then gets surprised that they have Rat Guns and tells them where did they buy it? Gweelok replies at Mart Mart. Festro asks if he got one and then his rat gun fell on him. They then independently charge in to the 10 Chambers of Death and they beat them all. They kick the door and Gweelok asks him is that what he think it is. Festro tells them that it is heart but it is an adorable kitten. Gweelok tells them not to look at it's size because it's cuteness will kill you. All of them didn't look except for Fart because it is adorable. Giant Kitten then ate Fart which made Slog sad. The kitten then explodes because of Fart's fart. All of them laughed (except for Slog whom is sad). They all ran making Festro carrying Fart to the door. Festro thought that they went back to the brain and Fart said that it is the heart. Festro asks them how to fix it and Slog replies that he can with his boogers making Gweelok almost angry. Slog then releases all of the boogers but made the heart broken even more. Gweelok then replies we could welding it together and Fart thinks it is a good idea so he did it but it burned the heart. Dingle tells Festro that he can make the heart together by sumo wrestlers. The sumo wreslers tried pushing it but failed. The mountain keeps on crying and Festro sadly thinks he is going to die and it is his fault that if he didn't mess up the love, he wouldn't die and he hates himself. Fart replies that we hate ourselves too but Fart still loves Festro and so as the other disgustoids hugging him. The heart starts growing light being put back together. Gweelok then tells them that the heart is putting back itself because of the power of love still hugging him. Festro pushes Fart and Slog because he doesn't like love because it is for girls. The hearts starts splitting them and Slog tells him that he has to love love. Festro then says no ways bro say. Gweelok tells him that he loves punching himself in the face. Festro tells him that he is right that he loves punching himself in the face so he punches himself in the face. Festro then feels something and Gweelok replies that it is love. Festro then that he loves love now. Fart and Gweelok tells him to keep loving because the mountain needs its love so he keeps punching himself in the face lots of times making the heart come back together. The mountain then becomes happy again and becomes cool again. The mountain thanks the Disgustoids for making the love of your hearts back in his heart. Festro tells him that no problem and he can punch himself in the face everything he likes. The mountain tells him to punch it right now and Festro punches himself again. Fart tells Festro that he needs to apologize. Festro then tells the mountain that he is sorry because the girl mountain really likes him and that he made that she didn't and if he wants us to live someplace else, we can. The mountain then lets the Disgustoids go back in and Festro tells the mountain to talk to the Lady Mountain. The mountain then runs happilly runs to her and hugs her saying that he loves her and that he never wants to leave her and that he wants to marry her. Festro tells them that in the end, love conquers all. Fart is so happy that he could just fart and then Festro tells the mountain to give her a big kiss. The mountain kissed her and then lava falls all over and Festro knows how to make himself better by punching himself in the face and the Disgustoids all laugh and the mountain tells him that he loves his bros thus, ending the episode.



Secret Mountain Fort Love was written and storyboarded by different people: Clay Morrow, Chris Reccardi, Noel Belknap and Brett Varron. The production code is 103. The annual estimation of US viewers is 1.580.


  • In this episode there is a store called "Mart Mart" which is seen in an episode of Uncle Grandpa called "Mustache Cream".