Here is a list of guidelines to follow:

  • Please do not vandalize. Severe vandalism will result in a permanent ban.
  • Please do not restore previously deleted pages without consulting with an admin first. If you are not sure what has been previously deleted, check out the Deletion Log
  • If an admin asks you to not do something or to follow a specific wiki format, please be respectful and listen to the admin. If you feel like the formatting should be a different way, discuss your concerns with the admin before going ahead and changing any kind of formatting on a page!
  • Please source the fanart if you upload any. You can source the fanart by putting the name of the artist and the website its on in the title of the file. If you're not sure how to do this, speak to admin User:Mother-zombie and she will work with you on getting a proper source for the fanart. Not properly sourcing fanart will result in a warning and if it persists more than 3 times it'll result in a suspension from this wiki.
  • Be nice, make good and factual edits, and have fun!


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