Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is the home of the Disgustoids, an underground mountain, and the main location of the titiluar series. It appears in nearly every episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome (with some exceptions being Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace and Just For Kicks). Secret Mountain Fort Awesome was destroyed at the end of the episode 7,002 and when the bros traveled to the Cyber War.
My fort yo cunt

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome as it normally appears.


Known RoomsEdit

  • Kitchen
  • Interdemensional Doorway Room
  • Boom Room
  • Living Room
  • Bromanor Manor
  • Fart's Room
  • Slog's Room
  • Cow Room
  • Internet
  • Secret Laboratory Gweelok Awesome
  • Armory
  • Theater
  • Tuff Skool
  • Tatoo Room
  • Brain
  • Facey's
  • Rears
  • JCNickle's
  • Food Court
  • 10 Chambers of Death
  • Heart

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