Secret Mountain Fart Awesome
Season 1, Episode 8
Farty george Farty ferking george
"You all look the same!"
Premiered: November 18, 2011
Written by:
  Ian Jones-Quartey
Storyboard by:
  Ian Jones-Quartey
Directed by:
  David Tennant
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The 6th Disgustoid
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The Broken Chair

Secret Mountain Fart Awesome is the 8th episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Season 1.


The bros make 1,000 fart clones after looking through his diary of juicy secrets, so they try to get rid of them before the real fart finds out. The Clones really annoy the Bros and cause havoc at Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.


Coming Soon!


  • This episode reveals that Fart is very sad and lonely and doesn't have any friends as seen in his diary.
  • Fart 1,000 and Festro 1,000 both make their first and only appearance in this episode.


Secret Mountain Fart Awesome was written and storyboarded by Ian Jones-Quartey. The production code is 204. The annual estimation of US viewers on the episode is 0.970.


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