President the Fart
Season 2, Episode 5
Pressident the FART
"I look great on a poster!"
Premiered: January 27, 2012
Written by:
  Mike Stern
Storyboard by:
  Mike Stern
Directed by:
  David Tennant
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President The Fart is the 5th episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Season 2


The Bros discover Festro's ideas are terrible, and elect a new leader. Fart gets elected accidentally because Festro thought Festro was spelled F-A-R-T. Fart's ideas are terrible and, he makes the bros clean and eat HEALTHY! (shudders) Festro challenges Fart to a leadership battle. Festro decides to do a dangerouse stunt in the middle of it. The bros think he dies, and say that they wish he was their leader. However, Festro comes back alive and they proclaim as their leader forever!



  • This is the only episode where Festro is not leader.
  • This is the first episode to feature the lava mountains of death.
  • Festro referenced the episode Teleport-A-Potty, Just For Kicks and Stealing the Sun although two of these episodes all came after this episode.
  • There was a Mario Kart reference when Festro and the Fart race on a racetrack that is very similar to SNES Rainbow Road. Festro even calls it the Rainbow Racetrack.
    • Another character, Dingle, rode on a rocket and used a fishing line to grab the Fart when he fell off the course, in a similar manner to Lakitu.
    • Another thing was when Festro was collecting coins and saying "I'm Rich!" This was a reference to the coins in Mario Kart
    • Fart stopped to let a turtle get past. This is a reference to the Koopas in Mario Kart, although Koopa's were never on the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.
  • The picture that Fart had of himself in red, white, and blue that said Fart under it was a reference to president Barack Obama's Hope poster.
  • It is revealed that Slog is allergic to cats.


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