Just for Kicks
Season 2, Episode 15
Just for kicks
"We gotta go to the shoe store!"
Premiered: March 29th, 2012 (Released on Itunes)
Written by:
  Audie Harrison
Storyboard by:
  Audie Harrison
Directed by:
  David Tennant
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Secret Mountain Fort Werebaby

Just for Kicks is the 15th episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Season 2

Plot SummaryEdit

Festro breaks his brocro sneakers so he drags his bros on a crazy adventure to try and retrieve new ones.


In this episode, Festro breaks his Brocro shoes at a movie theater and needs to get new ones, however the shoe store salesman informs Festro that Brocro haven't been worn in a million years. The Bros take this advice too literally and travel around looking for 1 million year old Brocro sneakers. Then Festro sees a sign saying Alaska is a million years old. He attempts to drag the bros there, but they all want to stay and watch the movie before it starts. Festro bribes them by saying he'll buy them all awesome power swords if they agree to come. In Alaska they look for shoes, almost getting killed along the way. Then the bros get captured by a velociraptor and are held captive in an igloo. Right after Gweelok says that the raptor must be almost a million years old, the raptor stands up revealing that he wears Brocro shoes. Festro tries to get them only getting hurt in the process. The bros get inside the velociraptor's nest to try and help Festro, who is being held up by his underpants which are about to break. The nest is rolled towards the Raptor, Festro falls in and the bros get away. Festro states that he's a failure and shouldn't have dragged the bros on the mission. He buys them all awesome power swords like he promised and the Bros get back just in time to watch the movie. Festro then realizes that the raptor's eggs hatch tiny Brocro sneakers, which he places on all his toes. The episode ends with Festro saying "I'll watch it on VHS" after he realizes the movie has ended right after he puts on his tiny brocros.



  • Festro is accidentally, seen twice during the episode with his brocros.
  • In the next episode, he has his full size Brocro sneakers.


Coming soon!

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