Name: Humans Species: Humans

The Humans are the main antagonists of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. They are the reason, the Bros are forced to live underground. Without them, the Bros wouldnt have to be in Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. In almost every episode, the humans were seen to hate the Disgustoids. In tons of episodes, we see asign labeled "No Disgustoids" Humans are actually quite rude to the Disgustoids and, are constantly telling them to leave certain places or threatning them. However, in the episode Stealing the Sun, The Disgustoids are actually praised by the humans for returning the sun. Sadly, a few seconds later the Humans hated them again because all the older humans started raining down from the sky.
All Bros in Teleport-O-Potty 13

The Disgustoids (rivals of the humans)

History Edit


The Humans are actually quite gross. Grosser than the disgustoids.

Notable HumansEdit

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