Helmet Head
"While I'm taking care of business, have you taken care of business?"
Gender: Male
Species: Monster
Hair color: Pizza
Eye color: Red
Production Information
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Clive Revill

Helmet Head is the main villain aof the episode Teleport-A-Potty. He was the ruler of another dimension who stole the only toilet from the humans for five centuries, until Festro killed him by eating the pizzas off his head. He is voiced by Clive Revill.


He is green and has four arms. The giahelmet on his head is actually a giant oven.


  • It is unknown why his name is Helmet Head when he has an oven.
  • His bottom half is on backwards. His butt is where his groin should be and his feet face backward rather than forward.


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