• Cyber dingle is a clone of dingle from the future that was shown in the episode 7,002. The only thing different is that cyber dingle is part machine And wears a gas mask with strings of wires coming out of his gas mask. He hands can transform into laser cannos and shoot powerful lasers
  • As seen in Dingle Come Home, Dingle seems to be attracted to robust and voluptuous women.
  • It is mentioned by Festro in the episode Party Slog that Dingle had a barmitzvah (that Slog ruined when he turned into Party Slog). This implies that Dingle practices Judaism. This could be a practice adopted when trying to live amongst humans, or it could be that Disgustoids practice the same religions humans do.
  • There might be a possibility that Dingle may actually be female, considering he turned into a female cop when he put a mustache on his face in Monster Cops
  • Dingle has been heard speaking english three times.
    • In the episode "Nightmare Sauce" Dingle said the word "Perfect" after Festro pulled up his pants all the way.
    • In the episode "7,002" Cyber Dingle spoke English.
    • In the episode "Teleport-O-Potty" Dingle spoke English.

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