Did somebody say party?
Gender: Female
Species: Disgustoid
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Scam artist
  Prince of Mawibowabe
  Scamming others
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The 6th Disgustoid
Voiced by:
Donald Gibb

Bromanor is a female disgustoid who is the rival of the disgustoids of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. She tried to take over Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and steal all of their money and cool stuff, but she ultimately failed. Though her grand scheme failed, she was able to successfully steal their jet skis.


Bromanor first appeared in the episode "The 6th Disgustoid" where the disgustoids were looking for a sixth person to rent one of their rooms to help pay off their rent. Bromanor was the one that they chose and when they did they first thought that she was a boy because she looked and sounded just like one and also because of how she was wanting to basically have lots of fun with them. After a while, Festro figured out that she was really a girl and told the other disgustoids, to of which they responded to Festro's attitude towards genders, which made Festro leave them. However, while Festro was leaving, he overheard Bromanor talking on the phone and heard that Bromanor was the one that stole their money and that she planning on stealing all of their cool stuff.

Festro later tried to tell the others that she was the one that conned them out of their money, but they didn't believe him and basically shunned him and made Bromanor the temporary leader. When they were eating Chinese food later, they opened their fortune cookies and Bromanor told Gweelok that she "required his help to access his fortune". This line was enough to make Gweelok remember the letter he received from Bromanor to steal their money and realized Festro was right and tried to take the suitcase full of their money back, but it opened up and the money spilled out, making the other three disgustoids realize that Festro was right. She than attempted to escape, but Festro stopped her and was about to throw her into a pit of flames, but she told him that she needed to go to the bathroom. So he let her go, but then she escaped through the bathroom window and stole their waterski.

In the episode "Dingle Come Home" Bromanor made a background cameo. She was aseen getting married to a cat.


Bromanor is a red disgustoid. She has one protruding eye. She also has blonde curly hair and a tank top that says the word party in green letters. She wears white underwear and shoes.

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Episode AppearancesEdit


  • She made a non-speaking background cameo in the episode "Dingle Come Home"
  • She's the first confirmed female disgustoid.
  • For some reason, In the episode "Dingle Come Home", her tank top was missing.

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